Luke’s Kitchen

Lukes Kitchen – Danks St

I’d been looking forward to bottomless brunch at Lukes Kitchen for ages. Audra and I were meant to go 3 weeks ago but she cracked her tooth and needed an emergency crown. We rescheduled and finally the day arrived. We met at my place at 10.30am and walked down to Danks St.

Mirror mirror on the wall, where’s the best bottomless brunch spot of them all?

Lukes kitchen was one of the first Bottomless Brunches I’d ever done (twice pre blog) and now I’d finally made it back for a 3rd time. The food and service has always been excellent and that hasn’t changed. The last couple of brunches have had their ups and downs so I was looking forward to some amazing food, fantastic drinks and fabulous company.

5 course menu – changes seasonally.

The deal is simple and it doesn’t get much better than this. 5 incredible courses with bottomless mimosas, bellinis and Prosecco for $75 or for an additional $5 you can have bottomless French Rosé for 2 hours. 

Mimosas done right

A few weeks ago I was at Babylon Rooftop with my friend Liza for brunch where the mimosas were basically sparkling orange juice. Not so at Lukes Kitchen where our fabulous host Reese (like the pieces) knows exactly the right juice to Prosecco ratio. Not only does he make a mean mimosa but he makes a beautiful Bellini. I never found the need to switch to straight Prosecco which I sometimes do if I end up ODing on sweetness and juice. 

Banana, fig and espresso. Ricotta and honey on crumpet

I’d actually forgotten how fantastic the food is at Lukes Kitchen and I definitely regretted not coming back sooner. If these pictures are making you hungry, let me tell you they do not do the dishes justice. Each a different taste sensation. As you know I’m not a huge banana fan although I was won over by the Banoffee at The Bellevue Hotel. All the flavours on this crumpet blended together into mouthfuls of deliciousness that had Audra and I groaning in delight. I remember seeing a snap of it on Luke Mangans Instagramfeed and thinking yum! Soon that will be mine! It did not disappoint. 

Tempura zucchini flower. Corn and Meredith dairy goats fetta with tomato salsa

Next up was this delicious tempura zucchini flower. I love zucchini flowers although I’ve never managed to take a good photo of one. Maybe I should have cut it open? Served with creamy corn and tomato salsa. Unfortunately I forgot to mention my raw tomato phobia but the lovely Reese added it to my “frequent diner card” notes (I’m pretty sure he made that up.)

Eggs Benedict, Broad bean salsa, ham, tarragon hollandaise on an English muffin. I tried eggporn and failed 🤷🏻‍♀️

Eggs Benedict was the next delectable morsel. The egg was poached to perfection. The ham salty and crisp. Underneath the hollandaise covered egg was hiding a salsa of broad beans. It added a fantastic texture and crunch to the eggs. 

Roast butterflied spring chicken. Fennel, blood orange and tarragon salsa

The chicken was up next. Moist and tender it was cooked beautifully. The blood orange was both tarty and sweet at the same time.

After all those Bellinis it was time for a bathroom break and to check out the decor. The bathroom was full of flowers and posters about plants and there was gorgeous artwork lining the hallway walls. 

Loving the art

I’m not sure what Lukes Kitchen was before it became a restaurant but it still has quite an industrial feel about it. To my left a staircase with a great colour scheme and corrugated metal roof. The lightbulbs are encased in metal cages. To the right a matching staircase lined with many bottles of what I was sure was delicious wine.

We were a bit full by this stage so we took a little food break and caught up on life the universe and everything. Audra and I worked together many years ago and sometimes I think we are the only people in the world who understand each other’s daily work dramas, so there was a lot of laughter and unloading.

Mango and kafkir lime meringue. Ginger anglaise ad finger lime. 

The final course was this amazing mango and kafkir lime meringue. Light as air, it melted in your mouth. The sweetness of the mango mixing perfectly with the ginger anglaise topped with the little bursts of flavour that are finger limes.

Bottomless brunch love 💕☕️🍸

As last drinks were called – thanks for looking after us Reese – we decided on a roady or two enjoying some delicious Espresso Martinis made with one of my favourite liquors Mr Blacks for an additional $20 each.

We had a fantastic time at a Lukes Kitchen and I will definitely be back. 

Way down among the Brazillians, 
Coffee beans grow by the billions, 

Frank Sinatra

📍 where – 8 Danks St Waterloo

🌎 www –

🥂🍑🍊🌹 bottomless – Prosecco, bellinis or mimosas. French rosé for an additional $5

💵 how much – $75 or $80 with Rosé

🍳🍗🥗 food – 5 courses of deliciousness 

⌚️ how long – 2 hours 

💳 payment – 50% up front 

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday 11am – 1pm – bookings essential

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  1. […] Tempest decided to go with the Prosecco, Mal and I decided to have the Bellini. We were told there were no Bellinis on offer as they were out of peach juice. Seriously? You offer Bellinis and don’t have any juice? Mimosas it was then and much like Babylon Rooftop is was pretty much sparkling OJ so Mal and I decided to join Tempest with plain Prosecco and they bought a bottle to the table. It might have been nice if they’d offered us some OJ on the side particularly when it was already part of the bottomless. I would have been happy to pay the $85 if I could add my own juice – peach or orange it’s all about the ratio – they definitely got that right at Lukes Kitchen. […]


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