Bellevue Hotel

The Bellevue, situated on a quite leafy street in Paddington

I’d never been contacted by anyone on my Bottomless Brunch contact link before until recently when I heard from Kaila at the Bellevue Hotel. She reached out asking if I would like to trial their famous Sunday Roast and to find out more about my “Bottomless Tours.” As much as it would be great to somehow monetize doing something I’m passionate about I explained there were no “tours” and the blog is basically me getting groups of my friends together, going out for Bottomless Brunch and then writing about the experience.

Bookings essential. Feast for 2, 4, 6 or in our case 9.

I’m used to my Bottomless being a per head price. Generally a package of food and drink. Kaila replied the cost is $55 for two or $100 for four for the shared style Sunday Roast feast (we will definitely be more than four I thought!) Of course I asked if there was a Bottomless package (the best kind of package, of course!) as that’s what the blog is all about. Kaila explained they currently offered a 2 hour bottomless package for $49 for Jacobs Creek Bar Rosé or alternatively if we wanted we could upgrade to Domaine Le Grand Destre French Rosé for an additional $59. In my experience that seemed quite pricey and this is where the negotiations started and the Bottomless Sunday Roast Brunch was born.

Reflections – I love a good logo

I suggested that not everyone liked rosé (I’ve had experience with this in the past) and that people would prefer a bit of beverage variety with their Roast. Could we add red wine, white wine, prosecco and beer to the the mix? I was told the roast for 6 people would be $ 155 – just over $ 25 per head which I thought was quite reasonable but I still thought it needed a little something extra so people felt like they were getting more bang for their buck. I suggested a cheese platter or dessert and said we would be happy to pay $ 75 per head. It was agreed! Bottomless Roast was on.

Look up. Lighting on the way up the stairs to the restaurant.

I originally had 8 people. Mel & Phil cancelled early. Their daughter Sophie was back for a flying visit from Japan. That was ok, I still had 6. Then last minute Dee cancelled and I went into a tail spin! What if I didn’t even have 6? Would I need to pay the additional $$ to cover it? I put out the word and then Kat came to the rescue saying her friend Kirsty would love to join us. I was extremely relieved and then Ben piped up that he’d like to come too. We were now 7. Until the day before when Ash dropped out. She had to go out to the cemetery with her Nona and mum to visit Nonos grave. OK we were still 6, all good. Sunday morning arrives and I send out reminders, Ben said he had one more person, was that ok? Kellie would be joining us. Sure no problem – we could be 7. Suddenly Ben had 2 more people and a quick phone call to the restaurant, we were confirmed for 9.

Now that’s how you make a mimosa! OJ spiked with vodka.

I always like to arrive slightly early to a Bottomless, take a few pics of the place as I’m arriving, meet the staff and generally get the lay of the land. Our contact was Matt and a finer contact you could not have (apart from the fact that he called me ma’am which I nipped in the bud straight away. I mean what am I, 100?) They had not finished setting up yet and Matt asked if I’d like a drink. It was slightly before midday but he was happy to start early if that’s what I wanted. I did want, of course needing hair of the dog after the Victoriana extravaganza the night before that Erin had invited me to last minute. I went for prosecco and orange, an easy way to start on a Sunday morning before you’ve eaten breakfast. It’s basically breakfast in a drink. Matt rushed downstairs to grab some OJ and presented me with a mimosa that shit all over the horrendous ones at last weeksk Babylon Rooftop brunch (not that that would be hard!) I took a few snaps and soaked up the sun in their cute outdoor courtyard.

Cute courtyard. Must be nice at night with the strings of lights

I’d never been to the Bellevue Hotel before so I’m not sure what it was like pre renovations, which was about 6 months ago according to Matt. The restaurant upstairs is lovely and the cute sun drenched courtyard divine. Next to arrive was Joseph, gym bag in hand he had already worked off brunch in advance and also grabbed a mimosa. Then everyone started to arrive, Kat and Kirsty. Ben, Kellie, Frank and Vanessa and finally Pixie. In the end Matt bought out a bottle of dry white, another bottle of prosecco with a jug of OJ spiked with vodka (at Josephs request.) Frank grabbed a beer and we basked in the sun getting to know each other while our table was made ready.

Delicious rosé. Also you’ve got to love a bar that has sparkling water on tap.

Seriously this had really turned into the Ben & Kat show! Two gorgeous people I had met at another SocialTable and who were also part of my Darlo Darlings Group on Facebook. I knew 4 people and they had bought 5 more between them! It was fabulous! Normally the lynch pin that connects all these people is me but it was fantastic not to have that pressure, so thank you guys. As the drinks flowed I went up to Frank and Vanessa and asked how they knew Ben. Apparently they’d known him since birth, they were his parents! Nice one Ben, thanks for the heads up. Vanessa was super stylish and Frank gave me his card telling me he was in “Lubrication Technical Support” With a cheeky grin I said what kind of lubricants and with a straight face Frank quickly replied Vaseline and KY jelly. I knew we would get on famously after that!

The table was ready and as everyone moved inside I was pulled aside and met our chef Rob. We shook hands and I told him how excited we all were for our first Bottomless Roast. How every person here was a big Sunday Roast fan and we had several English people with us who had high expectations regarding his Yorkshire puddings. When I asked Rob what his background was he replied he was English but had been here in Australia for 12 years and had never lost his accent (thank god) Chef Rob felt he was more than up to the task of impressing my English friends with his pud.

Joseph and Ben, pass the broccolini please.

As we were all seated and Matt thanked us for coming, grabbed a shot of tequila and we all toasted to our Sunday Roast, sláinte. Kat dubbed him our MoM (Master of Mischief) and we laughed and said we’d all expect our own shots after the meal. Then the food started to come out. Most people know not to eat before coming to a bottomless with me, unless you are Joseph and are working out hard at the gym before, so we were all starving! Large plates started to make their way from the kitchen. There was barely enough room on the table for the amount of food Chef Rob was sending our way but we solved that problem by passing the dishes around the table family style and every one quickly dug in. Oops! I had almost forgotten the camera eats first rule! There was steamed broccolini with zucchini and slivered almonds, carrots and pumpkin, potatoes and brussel sprouts with bacon and walnuts (for the win) roast chicken and pork with crackling, several jugs of gravy and the ever important (to the English at least!) Yorkshire Pudding. When I told Rob I didn’t really understand the point of Yorkshire Pudding he explained it was made at a time when meat was very expensive and was made to make use of the fat that dropped into the dripping pan underneath the roast which would then cook the batter to create the pudding to fill people up much like bread today.

Pixie created a beautiful looking plate but of course the greens were just for show and pushing around the plate.

You know the food is good when suddenly there is total silence at the table. I’m pretty sure there was at LEAST enough for 10. Joseph grabbed another piece of pork and I grabbed several more delicious potatoes. Matt asked how we were were enjoying our lunch so far? How would we rate it out of say, oh I don’t know, 17? Random number thanks for that mate. Most people said 15 or 16 but Joseph said 14. He’s a bit of an aficionado when it comes to Sunday Roast and voted this one his all time favorite so far beating out Chicken and Sons at the Horse. The only reason the Bellevue lost points was, in Josephs opinion the potatoes. He likes them a little crispier (duck or goose fat thanks Chef;) but I thought they were perfect and roast potatoes, much like hot chips can really be to a persons taste. When I told Rob this he was a little bit chuffed. His mate is the chef at Chicken and Sons and now he has won bragging rights!

Oops almost forgot the camera eats first. Already one empty plate under this one and no good shots of those amazing Brussel sprouts!
Shiraz? Yes please.
I helped myself to some more of these delicious potatoes as the end. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The drinks flowed and along with them an endless stream of entertaining conversation. Kat regaled us with Tales from Tinder which we’ve decided should be a podcast so anyone who knows how to create one should contact me and let’s make it so! I implored Pixie to tell us the story of when he was a young actor in the movie Shakespeare in Love. The one that quite often comes out around the dinner table about Gwyneth and Ben. It’s brilliant, especially with his added sound effects. But you had to be there and this is not a story for the blog.

3 baby cheeses, grapes, dried apricots, apples, quince paste and assorted biscuits
Don’t miss the banoffe, it’s spectacular!

Previously it had been an either or for afters. I prefer sweets but I know a lot of people prefer cheese and some people like both. As there was 9 of us Rob decided we should have both savory and sweet and bought out 2 fantastic cheese platters for us to share with 3 cheeses on each, grapes, quince paste and biscuits. Something that made it extra special was the large bowl of assorted bickies on top of the ones that were on already on the board. Seriously there are never enough biscuits for the cheese! With it came enough banoffe pie for all of us. I’m not a massive fan of banana in dessert (See Fratelli Fresh blog) but this was better than anything I’d ever had and Matt informed me they had to frisk the staff at the end of the day to make sure they don’t make off with the banoffee!

Master of Mischief.

Matt hostess with the mostess that he was made good on his promise (or was that our request?) for shots to end our meal. As last drinks were called at 1.45pm we ordered another bottle of rosé, white and red for the table. I want to say this was one of the best bottomless brunches I have done and a lot of that is because of Matt. His laid back attitude and friendly banter made this experience joyful, fabulous and chillaxed, a perfect way to spend a sunny Spring Sunday afternoon. Thank you Matt, we all had an amazing time and let’s not forget our amazing Scottish waitress Katie who I told about my Outlander obsession only to have Pixie tell me a story of working with Sam many years ago ~gasp


Everyone started to leave. Kat had convinced Kirsty to join her at the Coogee Bay Hotel where she was meeting up for another Tinder date. Ben, Kellie and the Rents were heading out somewhere to sober up before the Rents had to drive back to Woolongong. Were there bottomless brunches in Woolongong Vanessa wistfully asked? I promised her I’d google. Joseph booked an uber as he was heading into the city and Pixie and I decided to stay for a roadie (or two) Joseph was standing quite close to Pixie and whispered something in Pixies ear. As I looked down I saw Joseph taking his hand from the newly made hole in Pixies jeans, but that my friend is another story…

So check it out the new Sunday Roast at The Bellevue Hotel and make that package bottomless!

The most fun you can have without the introduction of a water based lubricant!

Pixie Agent to the Stars

📍 where – 159 Hargrave St Paddington

🌏 www –

🥂🍷🍺 bottomless – negotiated – contact red, white, sparkling, beer and rosé

💵 cost – $75 minimum 6 people. May change depending on how many people. Contact

🐷🐔🥕🥦🍠🥔 🧀🍌🥧 food – Sunday Roast with dessert and/or cheese May change depending on how many people. Contact

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Sunday from midday


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