Puntino Trattoria

When I first started researching Bottomless Brunches for my Blog I came across one that ticked multiple boxes for me. A) Bottomless brunch (natch!) B) Bingo – which is how I’d fed myself all though my 20’s and C) Drag – I mean what could be more entertaining than a drag queen calling bingo? Unfortunately when I contacted the restaurant they informed me that BBDB (Bottomless Brunch Drag Bingo) was on hiatus until they found some more performers and another DJ. Sadly I put it on my to do list and waited for them to contact me with details about when it would start up again. Fast forward several weeks and my friend Kelly sent me an Eventbrite link. Super excited I created my first BBB (Bottomless Brunch Blog) Facebook event asking everyone to save the date for what I was sure would should would be a super fun time.

Eyebrows on point – this was my first Bottomless Brunch with my friend Ian.

It was a bright sunny Sunday as I wandered down Crown St unprepared for the scorching heat in my little black dress and jacket. Girls running around in sundresses, boys in shorts and flip flops. I ran into Geoff out the front of the restaurant and we entered together. The first ones to arrive on our table of 13. We were greeted at the door by our Bingo Caller who I was later informed was called Millennia – the best worst drag queen in Sydney. She was fabulous (of course!) and said any photography had to be shot A) at a good angle and B) no close ups.

Alice – gives good face

Then everyone started to arrive. Alice, as you may remember from the Fratelli Fresh Bottomless was shockingly early (miracles do happen!) Joseph & Jack arrived next with hugs and kisses all round. I was like a bloody Jack in the Box. Ian, Sharni and Nathan arrived not long after, with Kelly and Danielle wandering in next followed by Marion, Debbie & finally Dee – our one non drinker. We started with small carafes of prosecco and juice. I’m unsure if you can call anything that isn’t peach juice a Bellini so I’ll just call it what it was. Assorted flavours of Orange (Mimosas), Passionfruit, Strawberry and Peach (Bellinis) also for the non drinkers they offer soft drinks, orange juice and sparkling water. Alice asked when the food would be out as drinking on an empty stomach is a bad way to start brunch and I generally don’t eat prior.

Share platters

After several carafes of prosecco and juice the food arrived and we pounced on it like a swarm of locusts. I didn’t mind the food but some people were a bit disturbed by the creaminess of the eggs. The share platter included scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, kale, Italian sausage meatballs, tomato, toast, hash browns and rock melon. On the website it said it also included jam, baked ricotta and pancakes. There was definitely something cakey on the plate but it tasted more like banana bread to me. Plus side when we were still hungry they bought out a few more platters and when we asked for sweets they also bought out a plate of little cakes. Big thanks to our fantastic waitress Chiara who looked after us and made sure none of us left hungry.

DJ and Dobber hander outerer

But of course we weren’t just there for the Bottomless booze we were there to play Bingo. We were informed there was only one game of bingo to be played (a little disappointing) and one whole card needed to be filled to win. Our DJ handed out the dobbers or dabbers or markers or whatever you call them along with our Bingo Cards. We were in it to win it. Who knew what the prize would be? Who cared? Another round of prosecco and juice was ordered while some of the boys moved on to beer.

Bingo card – unfortunately this was NOT the winning card.

Strangely pre bingo – post a lot of prosecco everyone got a bit shy and hid behind assorted fans and bingo cards. The camera was too close or so they said. There are other photos of them not hiding but it’s probably for the best you don’t see those. Alice let me take this great action shot though of the bacon that helped soak up the prosecco. Mmmmm bacon.

Mmmmm Bacon

As you can imagine it was quite loud. Lots of prosecco had been consumed so it was probably for the best that we only had one game to play and one card to fill. Millenia requested a bit of hush so we could get the bingo done. Bingo was called and no one on my table had won. We were all a bit sad but a bit more prosecco helped and as the DJ took requests everyone started to dance.

disappointing result still 4 numbers left when someone called bingo. Not a winner no chicken dinner
Sunglasses swap – Joseph and I

It all gets a bit blurry after that. I got home and realised I had nothing with me! Where was my keys? My purse? My phone? I wandered over to a nearby friends place who keeps a spare set of my keys in case of emergencies, thank god! The find my iPhone app found my phone in Greenwich where I assumed my friend Kelly had popped it into her bag. I took some panadol and went to bed. As fun as this bottomless had been I’m not sure I’d want to go to another one on a Sunday without having the day off on Monday because I felt like absolute rat shit the next day! LOL Lesson learnt.

📍 where – 41 Crown St Wolloomooloo

🌏 www – http://www.puntino.com.au

🍻🥂🍑🍊🍓 bottomless – Bellinis, mimosas, Prosecco and juice, beer, OJ, soft drinks and sparkling water

💵 how much – $64.39 inc BF pay in advance

🍳🥓🥪 food – shared platter

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – the last Sunday of every month

🎭 entertainment


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