Bopp and Tone

I’d never heard of Bopp & Tone before I started researching for this blog. I booked a table well in advance (3 months to be precise) as they offered Bottomless Perrier Jouet. This is my friend Patricks favorite tiple and he’s always impossibly busy and notoriously hard to pin down. Their bottomless is on every week, however their Soul Saturday in only on once a month and that was what I was interested in. Since then I have followed Bopp & Tone on Instagram, drooling over delicious pictures of their food and decor. Located on Carrington St a short 5 minute walk from Wynyard and a brisk 40 minute walk from my door.

Bopp & Tone present Soul Saturdays. This image is not indicative of the Soul Singers

We booked for midday. I generally skip breakfast on bottomless brunch days and like to make as early a start as possible. Of course Ashley (as always) was early even though she said she might be a bit late and was perusing the menu with her girlfriend Kaylah. Patrick & Christine arrived not long after and we all settled in for another fabulous brunch. The first thing I noticed apart being the only people there at the time, was the fantastic decor. The rich wood and the gorgeous deco lighting, the cute wall sconces and a multitude of ball chandeliers. There were small cushioned booths which made it feel cosy, while large floor to ceiling windows let in streams of warm winter sunshine.

The menu is a set 6 courses to share and there are 3 drink options. For $ 88.00 you can have 2 hours or unlimited prosecco (which was delicious and what we decided to go with) or you could have bellinis with peach juice (which Ash opted for a bit later) or you could up the anti and pay $ 150.00 for the bottomless Perrier Jouet (which is why I originally invited Patrick knowing his love for it.) As Patrick had just gotten back from NYC (for work of course) he also decided to go with the prosecco. I might have forgotten to remind him he had options but I am sure his wallet is thanking me today! The waitresses were very attentive and rarely did we have to beckon anyone over for a refill as they topped up our glasses regularly before they were even empty.

As I previously said I’d been insta stalking Bopp & Tone for several months before we showed up for our brunch and had been drooling over pictures of their food for what seemed like ages! The food did not disappoint. Not only was it delicious it was plentiful. There’s no way you’ll be leaving this brunch hungry. Unfortunately there is no pictorial evidence of the bread that was served warm in the basket with a small bowl of olive oil but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Good bread is just so damn yummy! Next out were bite sized buffalo mozzarella with wild thyme honey served with smoked salmon fritters and ricotta salad. The cheese was just the right amount of savory and sweet. The salmon fritters melt in your mouth and the prosecco just kept flowing.

Set up for Soul Saturday’s

As we all animatedly chatted away we wondered, where was the Soul?? There had been a bit of background music for the last half an hour which was perfect and allowed us to chat and catch up, but as yet there was no live music. That’s when four guys walked in and started setting up. All four had mics, there were 2 electric guitars, a keyboard and a drum machine, at least I think it was a drum machine. Later it made sounds like tubular bells! Not long after that they wandered off and we called the waitress over to ask when the live music would actually start. Here’s a tip and something I would have liked to have known prior to my 12pm booking. Live music doesn’t start until 1pm! The drinks are free flowing for 2 hours, the sitting is for 2.5 hours and the live music doesn’t start until 1pm. If I’d know this in advance I definitely would have booked a later sitting.

Bopp & Tones signature spatchcock was plump and juicy. Seasoned with smoky paprika, oregano and chilli, served with organic yogurt and activated charcoal, none of that inactive charcoal for us 😜 It was served with fried cauliflower with paprika, dukkha, yogurt and mint. It reminded me a bit of the bottomless brunch we had at Nomad where we also had spatchcock and cauliflower. An hour had passed and it was finally time for the live music!

I can see clearly now Lorraine (er I mean THE Rain) has gone. The Ben Sekali Trio – or is that quartet?

The band were great, although they were set up behind a big banquette which I thought was a bit odd. It’s obviously something that is there all the time but it would have been great if they could have been in front of it instead. It made it difficult to get photos of them without getting up and being super obvious about it in front of the whole restaurant. We were right in front of them but with the banquette blocking the view of them from the waist down it was a bit tricky so here’s one I quickly snapped from the side on my way to the loo. The music was soft and croony and we were still able to chat as we enjoyed the remainder of our brunch.

Char grilled rib eye on the bone

The rib eye was medium rare and served cooked to perfection, the broccolini tender and not overcooked, the potatoes were crisp on the outside and fluffy in the inside. The band took a quick break while we discussed the gorgeous flatware, asked for a toothpick and struggled through what is now known as toothpickgate (don’t ask!) Dessert was not included on the set sharing menu but I needed something sweet and as the waitress took away our plates I ordered us a peanut nougat crunch with 5 spoons. It was so good Patrick & Christine ordered 3 more to take home.

Peanut nougat crunch with chewy caramel

Last drinks were called (twice) and then Ash decided she needed an espresso martini for the road. Not to let her drink alone (that would be impolite) we ordered a round for the table. As Ash and Kaylah got ready to depart for their bottomless pizza and craft beer experience (again, don’t ask lol) the band returned. The music was much louder. People got up to dance and Patrick, Christine and I adjourned to the terrace where we continued to sip our martinis and enjoy the music through the closed glass doors in the warm winter sun.

Espresso Martini

Patrick & Christine called an uber and I wandered home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step until I went to the bank, withdrew fifty dollars and promptly lost it! But that’s another story. Here’s to the ladies who brunch. 🥂

📍 where – 60 Carrington St Sydney

🌏 www –

🥂🍾 bottomless – Prosecco, bellinis or upgrade to Perrier Jouet

💵 how much – $88 Prosecco $150 Perrier Jouet

🥩🥗 food – 6 course set menu

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Soul Saturday’s once a month from 12pm (suggest 1pm booking) or Bottomless long brunch every Saturday.

🎭 entertainment

📚 booking – must have minimum 4 people

In search of the best Bottomless Brunch in Sydney

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