Come, Sydney Royalty!
Let us serve you champagne.
Hold marvellous court here,
late night and each day.
This new Queen is risen,
she’s here to play,
with nibbles and tipples,
cocktails and champagne.

Come with your courtiers, you’ll want to stay,
play by your own rules, for you are in Reign.

Reign entrance QVB. I’ve always loved those tiles.

Reign champagne parlour and bar opened on the 15th of March. It’s located on level 1 in the QVB and is a far cry from the ABC store it replaced. On the 4th of July they started offering weekend Bottomless Brunch. Everyone was asking if I’d heard of it and when I’d be going. So I set a date, grabbed the crew and off we went.

I was the first to arrive admiring the deco inspired furnishings. I sat down and was offered water while I created a quick insta story (I’m definitely getting better at those!) Marion and Wendy weren’t far behind and just as I went to Facebook message them Kat and Ben arrived. We were ready to begin.

I love beautiful cutlery and flatware and I was a bit obsessed by this coaster

There are 3 bottomless options at Reign and the whole table has to decide on 1 option for everyone. Prosecco (which is what we went with) was $85. Sparkling Rosé (I’ve never been a fan of pink bubbles) was $105 and GH Mumm (the French) was a little out of my price range at $150. I’d definitely pay this much for a special occasion but when I’m bottomless brunching every weekend I try not to break the bank. We were also offered small carafes of orange and peach juice so we could make our own Bellinis or Mimosas. This is how we began our 11am sitting at Reign.

Prosecco and Juice. Basically a healthy breakfast beverage

I learnt last weekend that Marion is a vegetarian. But that was at Puntino Trattoria and my memory wasn’t the only thing that went missing that day! She quickly reminded me and our waitress was more than happy to accomodate our request.

Soy linseed toast, crushed avocado, poached eggs, wakame

All courses were served on share platters and we were all starving so we helped ourselves. The first course was a perfectly poached egg with crushed avocado (no smashing at Reign!) and wakame. It was served on crisp soy linseed toast. I’ve sometimes found on shared platters toast can get cold or end up soggy from the avocado but that was definitely not the case with this delicious morsel.

Duck liver mousse served with chive crumpets

Whenever I have anything pâté like I compare it to my friend Peters pâté, which he is famous for. Most things don’t measure up to his of course but this mousse was a closer 2nd than anything I’d had before. Rich and creamy it spread beautifully on these small, warm house made crumpets. There weren’t enough crumpets to finish off this delicious duck mousse but when we asked our lovely waitress she immediately bought us another plate.

Beetroot, dill and some sort of yogurt. I should probably pay more attention to the vegetarian options.

The vegetarian option looked beautiful. Also to be eaten with warm crumpets. Thinly slice baby beetroot, dill, yogurt and Spanish onions which Marion assured me was delicious.

Ben (great mani!) got the only arch window glass, which coincidentally was my favourite window on play school.

After a while we decided to switch to juiceless Prosecco. Our amazing waitresses Ariana and Siobhan made sure our glasses were never empty. We were all very jealous Ben got the “special” glass. Maybe this one is just for the boys?

Pork fried rice with king brown mushroom, pea shoot and cured egg

Next course was pork fried rice. All the food was amazing. Marion’s of course was served sans pork. One day I’ll learn to do decent egg porn. I broke up this gooey egg and stirred it through the rice. It wasn’t so pretty then but it was super tasty.

Reign – Queen – Respect – Aretha

Flipping over the Queen coaster we found a fabulous quote from the Aretha Franklin song RESPECT. My respect for these cool coasters grew.

Donuts, honey, yoghurt, cinnamon, star anise and pistachio

The Prosecco flowed and the final course was bought out. These light as air mouth watering cinnamon donuts were oh so tasty. Served with yogurt and drizzled with honey. The flowers were very pretty but not exactly tasty. Something I know my friend Simon Food Favourites hates!

I love a big ice buckets and I cannot lie

As the last glass of Prosecco was drank I reflected on the differences between this brunch and the previous weeks (mainly that I still had my handbag!) I love the QVB, the architecture, the tiles, but also the stores and Reign makes a fine addition to its mixture of cafes and restaurants.

Queen 👸🏻

Rain. Feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane.

Just call me the Queen (Ma)Donna of bottomless brunch. 😜

📍 where – QVB level 1 – 355 George St Sydney

🌏 www –

🥂🍷🍾🍊🍑 bottomless – Prosecco, sparkling rosé or GH Mumm with mimosa and bellini mix on request

💵 how much – $85 Prosecco, $105 sparkling rosé, $150 for Mumm

🍳🍛 food – 4 course shared feast

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Weekends only – 11.30am and 1.30pm sittings

💳 credit card required for booking

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