Carbon Mexican

I had been looking forward to this bottomless brunch for quite some time. When I was at Casoni with my partner in crime Pixie he asked where and when our next one would be. Surely nothing could be better than bottomless margaritas and tacos, so I booked it on the spot. Fast forward to a couple of weeks before our fiesta and Pixie (agent to the stars) regretfully tells me he can’t make it as he has to fly down to Melbourne for an opening night #anotheropeningofanothershow. What was I to do? I contacted my new friend Kat from the Darlo Darlings and she was in like Flynn! Margaritas are her favourite 🍸Fast forward another week and her friend Ben who I met at Socialtable is inviting me to a bottomless brunch with Kat and him on the same day we were going to Carbon! I advised him Kat and I were already going to brunch but asked if he would care to join us. That is how we became a threesome, the terrible trio!

Carbon Mexican

Bondi is a little out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t even sure how to get there without a car. Bus? Train? Uber? On Friday when I popped in to The National art school to see my friend Danielle she suggested I walk. It was 1.5 hours from home and it seemed like a good way to get my 10k steps done and to pre walk off brunch.

Bottomless tacos and margaritas. Could life get any better?

I had my doubts about somewhere offering bottomless margaritas. Would they be watered down? Would they use margarita mix? Would it be frozen, weak and in an icy machine? My fears were unfounded. The margaritas were made in a blender and then put into a jug for service. When I say bottomless it was truly bottomless! I never saw the bottom of my glass for 2 hours as it was repeatedly topped up.

If you refill a margarita before it’s empty it’s still counts as one glass. #funfacts
Service with a smile

We decided to let the waiter bring us tacos until we said stop. Why make a decision when it can be made for you? No way José! #funfact also our waiters name, thank you José.

Drinks flowed and it started to get a bit loose. Kat regaled is with tales of her Tindr experiences. When asked for a #funfact by prospective beau she replied, did you know that a female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for a year? Who knew! Where did she learn these fun facts from??

It was at this stage we probably should have started having a bit more of the H2O
I love a bar with hooks for handbags. Why isn’t this everywhere?

You may ask how many tacos can one person eat while imbibing multiple margaritas. For Kat it was 3 for Ben and myself it was about 5. I really feel like we should have tried to eat a few more tacos and had several more litres of water. Definitely a tip for next time.

The decor at Carbon Mexican is fabulous too. With chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, great prints on the walls and fantastic neon. It’s those cute touches that make it warm and inviting.

Tag us #carbonmexican

Things start to get a bit hazy after that. One of those how did I get home, tracking what you did based on the photos on your phone. Apparently we did tequila shots?

Did we order tequila shots shots to round off our bottomless? Hell yeah we did!

A quick day after recap. I woke up with a grazed knee and a sprained ankle. Kat went on a tindr date and fell asleep during it. Ben ended up at The Courthouse until 2am. All in all I’d say it was a successful brunch, apart from those last little mishaps and mayhem. At least no one lost an eye. Tequila! Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro.

📍where – 286 – 288 Bondi Rd Bondi

🌏 www –

🍸🌮 bottomless – margaritas and tacos

💵 how much – $75

🌮 food – bottomless tacos

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5pm


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