East Village

After last weekends brunch was unexpectedly cancelled due to fire, I quickly rescheduled with Chris for a chillaxed pub (my first) bottomless at East Village. After a little trouble booking on their site I reached out to them on Instagram where they directed me to contact them via email. Finally it was sorted and I had my booking.

I was a bit dusty on Sunday morning. Alice had broken my karaoke cherry on her 29th birthday and while I was feeling slightly fragile I was ready for hair of the dog bottomless. East Village is a 30 minute walk from my home. I had on the wrong coat (too warm) for the 15 degree day and was almost run over on a pedestrian crossing by a taxi who had already stopped and decided to move forward again when I was directly in front of him. Add to that the fact the music kept cutting out on my Iphone (stupid IoS update) and sweat was dripping down my neck, I was definitely ready for a drink. That’s when I arrived and realised there was still quite a way to go.

I didn’t count but the Terrace is MANY steps up. Reminiscent of those Fierce parties at the top of the Kings Cross Hotel in the 90’s, but not quite as bad.
I finally made it and looking up once again the ceiling warmly greeted me in neon.

Chris was already waiting at the table, he lives slightly closer and hadn’t almost been made into road kill by a taxi! If you haven’t been to East Village for a while or ever you must check it out! Recently renovated the sun drenched terrace has an amazing view of Sydney. The open roof is covered in a net of fairy lights, which I’m sure look better in the evening where they are currently serving fondue and mulled wine. I’ll definitely be back…to see the lights of course 😉 It was midday and the pub had just opened with only a scattering of people delighting in the sunny Sydney Winters day.

Through the perspex. Terrace with a view.

There were three Bottomless bubbles options. $ 35.00 for either prosecco or the seasonal mimosa and $ 85.00 for G.H Mumm – the French. Not wanting to break the bank and wondering what a “seasonal mimosa” was we questioned the waiter. I was always under the impression that mimosas were strictly sparkling with orange juice but my waiter informed me the seasonal came with beer. Er, beer? Our waiter had a slight accent and while I looked at him puzzled repeating the word beer he rushed behind the bar and produced a fresh PEAR. With laughter Chris and I both elected to go for the seasonal mimosas with pear nectar.

Bubble options
Pear nectar & prosecco

What I loved about the East Village was the casual DIY vibe with the bottomless. The waitress showed us how much pear nectar we should add, gave us the jug, the bottle of prosecco on ice and left us to it. Too easy! We didn’t even have to bother the staff when we wanted a drink.

The offerings for food were either from the a la carte or brunch menus. I didn’t bother with the a la carte menu as I had already chosen before I arrived from the weekend brunch menu. Chris and I decided on the same thing, chicken and waffles with a side of bacon to share. There was quite a wait for the food, which seemed strange considering the lack of customers at the time. Not that we cared. We were chatting, laughing, drinking and soaking up the warm afternoon sun, neither of us were in much of a rush on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Strangely one plate of waffles arrived first with the 2nd plate arriving with the bacon 10 – 15 minutes later, apologies were made by the staff. Again neither of us cared as we poured ourselves another beverage.

Weekend brunch menu. You’ve got to love a menu without too many options. It makes it much easier to choose.
Sadly there was no corn bread with the waffles, apparently they were corn bread and herb waffles. They were fabulous though, served with maple syrup and coriander cream. Moist, crisp and delicious.
Everything is better with bacon and this serving gave us each 2 pieces each.

As the 1.75 hours came to a close (such a strange number, I wonder if it has anything to do with our RSA laws?) the waitress spot on the dot came to take away our left over prosecco. Lifting the bottle from the ice bucket and taking in the looks of disappointment on our sad little faces she smiled and said she’d leave it. Thank you East Village, I’ll definitely be back. Another brunch bites the dust.

I’m not sure what the “s” stands for? Chris has advised me it probably stands for Sydney, but shouldn’t it really be D for Darlinghurst?

📍 where – 234 Palmer St Darlinghurst

🌏 www – http://www.eastvillagesydney.com.au/

🥂 🍐🍾 bottomless – Prosecco, seasonal mimosa or French Champagne

💵 how much – $35 for Prosecco or mimosas $85 for the Mumm

🍗🥓 food – off menu (additional) a la crate or weekend brunch menu

⌚️ how long – 1.75 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday from 11am

🐶 pet friendly


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