Brick Lane

I was surprised when I started researching for this blog just how many and varied bottomless brunches were available. Different cuisines, different drinks, different options. Brick Lane is pretty much one of a kind. A bottomless Indian that has something for everyone. I invited 5 friends and made a booking. Brunches for me are normally booked many weeks in advance. I need to know where, when, how much and with whom. Over the weeks I casually mentioned Brick Lane at several brunches. You might recognise these names from such brunches as Fratelli Fresh – Liza & Mo (her then chauffeur for the day), Bloody Marys – Dee & Joseph, Nomad – Mel & Phil (the wine/beer drinkers), Casoni – Pixie – Agent to the Stars, (who then cancelled on me at Carbon Mexican) and our brunch newcomers were Tempest, Mal and Alison. All together we made up a table of 11, my biggest brunch to date.


Brick lane – Stanley St

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the fabulous street art on the walls. I have always loved street art and have taken many walks throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs wandering down lanes and small side streets to photograph it. The original Brick Lane in London (as I learnt later during brunch, thanks Phil) is famous for its street art and features such artists as Banksy, D*Face and Ben Eine. I must find out more about this artist because the images were super cool and fitted in perfectly with the vibe of the restaurant.

Table for 11 – awaiting my fellow brunchers

The offering at Brick Lane is great value for money. Our group were more than eight so we were obliged to “pimp our feast” for an extra $10. Let me tell you whatever your group size this is definitely worth doing! For $55 you get 8 courses and bottomless Pinot Gris, Shiraz or beer. For an extra $10 you get a “cocktail to get this party started” and also add another 2 beverages to your bottomless package, Rosé or French Champagne! Not only that but there are also an additional 3 dishes. Why wouldn’t you?

$55 Feast or better yet – Pimp that feast for an extra $10 per person

If you’ve read the menu above and the menu cover below you will see that this is not your standard Indian fare. From the food to the cocktails, this is twisted Indian, a fusion if you will. Something a bit different to the Rogan Josh & Butter Chickens seen on most Indian menus.

Twisted – just the way I like it.

We started with poppadoms. Pretty traditional right? But when served with house made pickles and relish you could see we were on a journey to something different. Next out came the tandoori chicken spring rolls, one of our 3 additional dishes from “pimp my feast”. Tandoori or butter chicken are my favorites and though it was fabulous to feast and try a little bit of everything, I did like the twist on one of my faves served in a crispy spring roll pastry. The beef croquettes were delicious and served with a tangy tomato chutney

Chat was had as everyone got to know each other. These were friends from different parts of my life. Some had met, others had not. As the drinks flowed so did the conversation. The service was excellent as hands were waved in the air and the next beverage was delivered. Occasionally I had to ask if people needed drinks. Conversation sometimes got so animated that you forgot you had an empty glass and no glass should ever be empty at a Bottomless.

Service with a smile – the hostess with the mostess! Kiren one of the co-founders looked after our every need.

Next out were the Momos, spiced cabbage and potato dumplings. I reminded the table that the camera eats first (it doesn’t take me long to snap a few shots) but sometimes that rule goes unheard. I went to snap a pic of these momos, turned around and said “oy where’s my dumpling?” Pixie had the entire dumpling inside his mouth on a fork, took it out and offered it to me with a guilty look. He liked them so much he had forgotten there was only one serve per person. Obviously this is the best way to get Pixie to eat his veggies! He whispered “that won’t go in the blog will it?” You bet your sweet ass it will! At least I left out Trinity eh Pix? 😉

Momos – spiced cabbage and potato dumplings.

Out came the veggie balls in Marsala sauce with parmesan cheese reminiscent of an Italian dish. The crunchy tempura prawns were served on a betel leaf. Tempura which is something I normally associate with Japanese food and betel leaf which I’ve only ever had in Thai food was a big hit. Phil regaled us with stories of Brick Lane in London. I had never heard of it (and I cheated and did a little bit of research after and learnt about the street art) and was told it was once the Curry Capital of Britain and is obviously how this Brick Lane got it’s name. Curry was served and the beer and beverages continued to flow.

As dessert was bought some of us opted for a post feast happy hour espresso martini. Unfortunately with such a large group I personally didn’t get to catch up one on one as much as I like to. I think I’ll stick to smaller groups from now on (except for Drag Bingo Bottomless Brunch of course!) As we staggered into the sunset hugs and kisses were given and farewells were made, except for those of us who opted for Margaritas around the corner, but that’s another story!

📍 where – 75 Stanley St Darlinghurst

🌏 www –

🍷🥂🍾🍻🍸 bottomless – Shiraz, Pinot Gris & beer or for an additional $10 pimping add rosé and French champagne

💵 how much – $55 or pimp your feast for an additional $10

🥘🍛🍤🥟 food – Indian with a twist – 8 course set menu or additional 3 dishes when pimping

⌚️How long – 1.5 hours

🗓 when – 5.30 – 10pm Tuesday – Saturday or 12 – 3pm Friday & Saturday


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