Silly Tart Kitchen – Dinner

If you haven’t realised by now bottomless brunch is one of my favourite things, hence the blog and the need to share it with you, dear Reader. The reason I like BB so much is because at the end of the meal I know exactly how much the bill for both food and drink will be. No more trying to split the bill or work out who ate what. I’ve always thought a bottomless dinner would be fantastic and I discussed this idea with Nina at Silly Tart when I booked my last dinner. Fortunately she agreed to indulge me this one evening. Unfortunately for both Colin and Simone the friends who joined me on this adventure, I had won a bottomless lunch at Fratelli Fresh on instagram that day and was barely able to imbibe one more glass of wine! (shocking I know!)

Fast forward a few months and Nina contacts me, bottomless dinner is a reality! Would I like to come and try it? Of course I would! I was in like Flynn! Silly Tart is one of my favourite BB due to it’s fabulous food, service and atmosphere. It is also is one of my top 3 most popular blog posts. I called a couple of the brunch crew and we were off to the Tart for dinner. Until Ben pulled out due to a prior commitment he had completely forgotten about and Kat ended up in hospital with a medical emergency! What’s a girl to do? I had been so looking forward to it. Luckily for both Kat and I, all’s well that ends well. Kat had been given a clean bill of health (hurrah!) So we met at Central, jumped on a train to Kings Cross and walked 5 minutes to Silly Tarts butterfly covered entrance on Kellett St.

We were greeted at the door by Nina. Hugs and kisses were exchanged before we were shown to our table. The drinks deal was simple. $ 45.00 on top of whatever you ordered would get you 1.5 hours of bottomless Sparkling Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz and Australian craft bottle or tap beer. You could then order off the dinner menu or opt as we did for the Feed Me menu. I love the feed me option. For either brunch or dinner. It gives you the best of the best off the menu and I’d skipped lunch and was super hungry. No decisions needed to be made, no thoughts needed to be had. There was so much food in the end I had to get a doggy bag which resulted a delicious lunch the next day! (thanks Nina:)

Pumpkin hummus with flatbread and peanut dukkah

I do love my bubbles and that is what we decided to go with first. Our first shared plate was this delicious hummus. I feel like hummus is really the new black in the hood at the moment with people hawking their hummus fork all around town and this one is delish. I’d had it previously with the feed me bottomless brunch and it was just as good for dinner. Delicious, creamy and not too oily, it is served with just the right amount of crisp toasted flatbread.

Rabbit nuggets crusted in corn flakes with orange, baby herbs, smoke paprika and aioli

Next up were these amazing rabbit nuggets. I feel like rabbit isn’t a dish you see much on Australian menus these days, but it was fantastic. With it’s crunchy outer shell of cornflakes it was served with micro herbs freshly picked from their vertical garden. We’d swapped out our bubbles for a lovely crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills and then we moved onto this light rosé of sangiovese grapes from Mudgee – Manners, please.

How can chicken be so good? Twice cooked free range chicken, home grown grapes, charred greens, aioli and parsley pesto

I’m currently working in South Granville and people rave about the chicken at El Jannahs. I’ve never understood how chicken can be so good people travel miles for it until the company I worked for ordered from there for Melbourne cup. That chicken is good! This chicken (while not charcoal) is still spectacular! Moist and tender free range chook served with home grown grapes, charred greens, aioli and parley pesto. The porchetta came out at the same time with miso puree and lightly pickled vegetables. Last but not least one of my all time tarty favourites. These salt and vinegar potato scallops while in no way resembling their fish and chip shop cousins are simply the best. I can never go past their crunchy, potatoey goodness. I needed a little something sweet after that so I had a little chocolate and marshmallow brownie, sadly it didn’t photograph well but it tasted divine!

So now dear reader, I’ve had to change my mission statement. Thanks Nina, I can’t wait to come back to Silly Tart to see you and imbibe some delicious cocktarts.

On a mission to find the best Bottomless Brunch, Lunch or Dinner in Sydney and beyond. Follow my adventures one boozy bottomless at a time.

Bottomless Brunch Blog
Get on your bikes and ride!

📍 where – 1 Kellett St Potts Point

🌏 www –

🍷🥂🍻 🌹 – bubbles, Shiraz, rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and best

💵 how much – $45 bottomless only

🥗 food – off menu or feed me menu for $45

⌚️ how long – 90 minutes

🗓 when – Dinner – Friday and Saturday night 6pm – 9.30pm. Bottomless – must be started between the hours of 6pm – 8pm

🐶 petfriendly

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