Sash Restaurant

I’ve been trying to find the best bottomless brunch in Sydney for a while and I thought why not blog about it? This is my first post, even though I have been trying to discover the best one for a while something about Sash inspired me!

  1. I love Japanese food and while I normally wouldn’t equate this with brunch a post in my 2010 Facebook group the Darlo Darlings inspired me to try it out.
  2. I am a Surry Hills local and had walked past this new restaurant several times and although the fusion and fabulous interior appealed to me the prices did not.

The post read. Bottomless Brunch Saturday and Sunday. Unlimited Cocktails, Beer, wine, sake and chef grazing menu for $ 75.00. I love Japanese food! I’m also a fan of cocktails and sake, I was in! I instantly found a friend and booked online at Sash Restaurant stating we would be there at 1pm for the Bottomless Brunch.

We arrived and were told the brunch was only Sundays (this was rectified after showing the post. Apparently this was their first Saturday Bottomless. Yay!) also the brunch was only meant to be cocktails, however we had been told otherwise and their delicious house sake was then supplied unlimited to us ON TOP of the cocktails.

The delicious sour. Definitely lived up to its name

We had been told the brunch was 5 shared courses and we weren’t sure if that would be enough for us (considering we’d skipped breakfast) The food was excellent! Fabulous Asian fusion – Crispy Tacos, Bamboo Softshell crab bao, Salmon Sushi, Buttermilk popcorn chicken, well you get the drill. My friend was pescaterian and while I didn’t think that was worth mentioning on the booking it certainly was in the restaurant but they were more than happy to swap out the shared pork belly (ouch) and chicken (not sure what happened to those prawns) it all worked out well in the wash.

Spicy Tuna Taco
Soft Shell Crab Bao
Salmon sushi

We decided to pay extra for dessert, being a tad bit pecky still. Neither of us are big fans of matcha (don’t judge) so although we went with the matcha donuts it was with matcha custard and dulche de leche dipping sauce. Unfortunately it came out with matcha custard and ice cream which ruined it for me (where was the caramel?) but that disappointment disappeared when then bought out a delicious pear sake on the house.

This was my friends first bottomless experience and while she was sure she’d be totally plastered at the end of it and that was not the case. I assured her we’d leave “pleasantly pissed.” You eat, drink, chat and while you do drink alcohol it is in between the chatting and the food. In the end you know exactly how much it will cost including beverages upfront.

This was my first Bottomless lunch (from 1pm) and also my first Japanese bottomless (seriously what could be better that unlimited sake for 2 hours?) The food is amazing (depending how hungry you are you may need to order more!) But who cares? The $75.00 more than covers the delicious sake/cocktails and the excellent food. So head on down to Sash for the Saturday/Sunday bottomless. The first one I’ve found, you won’t be disappointed.

Edit 9/8 – Sash Japanese has now closed permanently

📍where – 80 Wentworth Ave Surry Hills

🌏 www –

🍹🍻🍷🍶 bottomless – cocktails, beer, wine and saké

💵 how much – $75

🍣 food – the chefs grazing menu

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday from 2pm

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