Tucked in behind the Oxford Hotel on the corner of Foley Lane & Bourke St is a cute little restaurant called Casoni. It was recently sold, bought and renovated in January into what you see today.

I do love me some neon signage

A fellow member of my Facebook Group the Darlo Darlings, Jack noticed my first foray into blogging a few weeks ago and mentioned they were doing bottomless brunches at Casoni and he thought I should check it out. I checked my diary, penciled it in and arrived promptly at midday. Joining me on todays adventure was my dear friend Pixie who was game to experience his first Bottomless with me.

We were offered 2 options a) Set menu – with an additional option for desert or b) off the standard menu. We decided to go with option a). I love trying new food and find this is a great way to try the best of the best that the restaurant has to offer. I also opted to wait until I had finished the savory food to decide if I wanted desert which turned out to be an excellent idea because I was full to bursting after I had polished off that Pappardelle.

The tasting menu – $ 49.00 or $ 55.00 including dessert. You could also opt for matching wines.
Or you can order by the dish.

There are also 2 options for the Bottomless Drinks Package. One hour for $ 29 or $ 35 for 2 hours. I am sure you can guess which one Pix and I picked 😉 There were 2 drinks available as part of the package and we tried them both – multiple times, just to confirm they were as good as we thought they were. The things we do for you dear reader 🙂 The Aperol Spritz which is always a winner for me at any time of the day or night and the Applewood Okar Garibaldi. The Applewood Okar is an Australian Campari made in South Australia and while I am not normally a huge fan of Campari (don’t judge) the gorgeous red topped with fresh orange juice and served with a fine slice of dehydrated orange was delicious. The orange juices sweetness offset the bitterness of the Okar. Once again I was reminded of the tequila sunrises of my youth.

I’ve never had an Aperol Spritz served with an olive before but upon investigation have found it’s a Venetian twist.
Applewood Okar Garibaldi. I had no idea that Australia had it’s own version of Campari.

But of course we weren’t just there for the drinks, we were also there for brunch. The food was an interesting mix of Italian with a subtle Asian fusion. Pixie being English and not a huge fan of vegetables still ate half of every dish (so impressed!) Everything was delicious, but my favorite was the Pumpkin Ravioli with pistachios, burnt butter and sage. Pixies fave was the Beef Cheek Pappardelle with leek and yuzu, because it was so butch ~giggles

Prawn Croquette with aioli
Kingfish, passionfruit, fennel and pomegrante salad
Burrata, eggplant, sundried tomato and olives served with crisp bread
Pumpkin Ravioli with pistachios, burnt butter and sage with shaved deep fried pumpkin crisps.
No picture could do these flavors justice. Beef Cheek Pappardelle with leek and yuzu.

As our 2 hours came to a satisfactory close we were given a complimentary shot of espresso martini to finish our meal. What a wonderful way to end another great Bottomless Brunch.

📍 where – 371-373 Bourke St Darlinghurst

🌏 www –

🍹🍊 bottomless – Aperol Spritz & Applewood Okar Garibaldi

💵 how much – $29 or $35 for 1 or 2 hours of the bottomless drinks package

🍝 food – off the menu or set sharing menu $49 or $55 with dessert

⌚️ how long – 1 – 2 hours

🗓 when – Saturday from 11am

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